About us

Herbert Auer, founder and Managing Director of Functional GenOmics Consulting, has over a decade of experience in setting up and running research infrastructures in the genomic arena. He was in charge of core facilities fulfilling the needs of researchers on two continents.

Some of his projects:
Establishment of one of the first fully functional microarray laboratories in Europe (1999-2002, Austria)

Expansion of a small facility into one serving an entire Comprehensive Cancer Center and establishment of a satellite facility at Columbus Children’s Hospital (2002-2007, Ohio, USA)

Establishment of the Functional Genomics Core at IRB Barcelona, including the transition from microarray technology to Next Generation Sequencing (2007-2014, Spain)

Herbert Auer is actively involved in a number of international research projects. He is currently the chairman of the Nucleic Acids Research Group, a consortium of scientists developing enhanced methods for genomic analysis.

The Team
Functional GenOmics Consulting works with a team of internationally recognized specialists of almost all areas in biomedical research. Together we cover for example almost the entire process of drug development, as illustrated below.

If you feel a project should perform better and quicker, we can help. Contact me at herbert.auer<at>dnaarrays.org.

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