Flow Cytometry
  • Which is the best combination of fluorochromes for a multicolor analysis in my flow cytometer?
  • What is the minimal number of cells I should count to trust my results?
  • How many cells should I prepare to sort an expected number of target cells?
  • Which sorter/analyzer fits best my needs?
  • Where can I find a protocol to prepare and stain my cells?
  • With which software can I reanalyze my cytometric files to optimize the acquired information?

Flow cytometry is a powerful technique to work with cell populations, even when the target cells are very rare. Technical considerations must be respected prior and after acquisition to obtain the maximum information from experiments.

Special Skills
  • Polychromatic immunofluorescence
  • DNA content/cell cycle
  • Cell viability and vitality/apopotosis detection
  • Immunodeficiency/AIDS monitoring
  • Malaria detection by flow cytometry
  • Cell purification (sorting)

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